Jamboree On The Air - 2001

The Sporadic Ham Radio Club had 33 cub scouts and their parents / leaders attend JOTA in 2001.  The scouts really seemed to enjoy themselves.  Each scout made a HF SSB contact, sent and received a short message with morse code, filled out QSL cards, heard a short presentation about ham radio and saw a demo of SSTV, APRS and PSK-31.  We didn't find any scout SSTV activity this year.  The International Space Station came into range during our last session.  We called several times but weren't able to break the pile-up on that first pass.  The scouts were able to hear space station commander Frank Culbertson make contacts with other scout stations.  This was very interesting to them.  Eric (a first year Webelos) was able to make contact during the following pass.  Thanks to Stan Vandiver (W4SV) we have a high quality recording of their contact.

ISS commander Frank Culbertson

  ISS commander Frank Culbertson - (click on the "ISS Recording" link to listen.)  

Our statistics for JOTA 2001:

  • Scouts     -        33
  • Countries -         5  (US, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia)
  • States      -        12 (AR, CA, CO, FL, IL, KS, KY, MA, NY, OH, PA, UT)
  • Space Stations - 1

Cub Scouts Brad & Eric

Cub Scouts Brad and Eric checking the log at the PSK-31 station.

Thanks to everyone who participated including Mike-KA2KQP, George-KB2ZHX, Pete-KF2U and Dan-W2HQ and our first year Webelos assistants Eric and George.  Hope to see you next year!

QSL cards have been presented to the scouts.  THANKS!